Brands I’m Loving – July 2019

Cobra Estate – Garlic Infused Olive Oil: It is so good to enjoy the flavour of garlic and all its glory without the dreadful repercussions. I salute you Cobra Estate.

Coconut Milk and Cream by Ayam or Honest to Goodness: both are free from any additives or gums, just 100% coconut goodness. From whipped coconut cream to Indian and Thai curry’s this is a staple in our home.

Hot Chocolate by Jomeis Fine Foods: My favourites are the Spicy Ginger Latte, Minty Cacao Latte and the Cacao Latte. All are caffeine free so it’s easy on your digestion and they are sweetened gently with stevia.

Bare Blends Vanilla and Coconut Plant Protein: This is so delicious and very easy on my tummy. Perfect for when I’m hungry, or even for post-meal but still wanting something more, it seems to fill the gap. Also for when I’m craving something sweet – a small glass mixed with almond milk does the trick. I love this product and use it multiple times per week.

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