Quick Meal Prep

It is not easy cooking for a family of five and having SIBO. I either have to make everyone eat what I’m eating or cook two separate meals 3 times per day. If you are not prepared, meal time becomes exhausting very quickly. So often I’ve ended up with depressing, cold leftovers because I just couldn’t bother. A quick go to of a protein shake or some nuts, berries and almond milk has done the trick. Don’t get me wrong, these satisfy and can be pleasant but when you are cooking a warm meal for everyone else and this is what you are left with it can quickly feel like a prison sentence. So, what’s the solution?

This is a work in progress, however, these are some tricks that I have been using to make a dull meal a little brighter:

  1. Food prep – roast a huge tray of veggies and keep them in the fridge ready to eat.
  2. Rice – have a Tupperware full of cooked rice ready to bulk up a quick meal.
  3. Sauces – pesto, peanut sauce, tahini dressing and mustard are all great choices to pimp your roasted veg.
  4. Quinoa – I always make a batch large enough for my current meal plus leftovers.
  5. A side salad to add to whatever else you have makes it feel fancier.
  6. Vary toppings like pumpkin seeds, crumbled walnuts, avocado, olives, sautéed tofu or tempeh.
  7. Top with fresh herbs like mint, coriander, rosemary and parsley.
  8. Sprouts, yum, I don’t need to say anymore.

With all of these options it’s quite easy to come up with beautiful “bowls” that are wonderfully varied and quick.

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    1. Kate says:

      Thank you! 🙏


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