I am Kate and this is my space for sharing my love of cooking, plant powered foods, and gut healing recipes.

I discovered I had SIBO this past year after several years of testing, various remedies, many doctor’s visits and loads of frustration with how unwell I felt. In a short time on the SIBO bi-phasic diet I noticed a complete change in how I was feeling. My brain fog had lifted, my energy increased, my tummy was flat and bloating almost non-existent. It was working so well but I was starving and losing a lot of weight. What I was eating was so limited and I had trouble finding quality information on what to eat. I cried a lot. The amount of SIBO literature online is small and for a vegan or vegetarian it was almost impossible to find guidance or support. A diet consisting of salad gets old really quickly. It took me a several months to start to rethink food prep and how I could manipulate the “acceptable” foods to recreate mouth-watering favourites. My hope with this blog is to create a space to share recipes and tips that will inspire and motivate someone else struggling the way I have because I know how difficult eating and life with SIBO can feel. Instead of looking at all of the foods that you can’t enjoy at this time, switch your focus to the ones that you can and make them fabulous.

If you are like me, hang in there, it gets better. I promise. Soon you will feel lighter, more energetic, and less inflamed. Your skin will be brighter, your head fog will lift and your tummy will be happy and flat once more. Let’s get cooking…